7 year old child in Kilimanjaro mountain of Africa win!

7 year old child in Kilimanjaro mountain of Africa win!

Mount Kilimanjaro. This volcano is located in Tanzania, Africa, about 5,800 meters above sea level.
This is the highest mountain on the entire continent. The 7-year-old child of India, Samnu Puthuraju

On the 2nd of this month, Samnu got up at the Uighur peak of Kilimanjaro. He was accompanied by his mother Lavanya, instructor Thammini Bharat, a mountain climber and a lady named Sagabandi Shrushna. They are all residents of Hyderabad. There was also a local doctor from Tanzania.

On March 29th, starting from the base point, Samunura started. It takes 5 days to reach the horn. Samnu said, on reaching the peak, rain was raining, roads were filled with stone. He was having pain in the legs, he was afraid. But after a while he was up to take a rest. He loves his ice, so he wanted to go to Kilimanjaro.

Samoonu further said, Telugu hero Paban Kalyan is very dear to him. Mother said that if she tries to make a world record she will show him with Pavan Kalyan. Now he is waiting to meet the favorite hero. The next month will be a mountain in Australia, to record that world.

This third-grade study has said that he does not neglect his studies because he is riding on horns, his favorite subject is Computer.

Due to health, Kalimanjaro did not reach the peak of his mother Lavanya, had to stop midway. But he is very happy for his son. According to him, his son will try to record the world by riding on 10 horns in May.

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